There IS a bowl scraper available, but I don’t have it and can’t attest to whether it helps this issue out or not, and it certainly wouldn’t help with all the goodness that gets stuck on the center shaft of the mixer and the bottom of the bowl. I hear that old familiar grinding sound from my mixer. I had grown up using a Bosch and loved it. Maybe eventually…but good for you for being happy with the mixer you DO have. Until I wanted to learn to make bread . When I remember it, it works pretty well. I live in Idaho with my husband, 5 kids, and selection of weird farm animals. My mom has had hers for I’d guess about 40 years and it’s still going strong.” – Kara from the Joys of Boys. I love the ice cream maker!! I’ve heard about Bosch mixers over the years, and everyone I know who has one loves it. They are worth it to me Love your stuff Mel! I’m loving all these comments, especially to see how people agree and disagree. The mixer works fine but I need to replace my whisk because I think it’s out of alignment and seems to hit something in the bowl. I went into a local mom-and-pop shop called kitchen kneads and asked if I could buy a Bosch. Oops. Have owned a Bosch for over 30 years. I agree with other reviewers though: I HATE cleaning my Bosch. Others have mentioned the same thing. Thanks for your comparison. I started my married life with an old Sunbeam stand mixer (I still have the old one from my mom– it’s probably 50 years old.. it will make a small batch of cookies or whip frosting.. but I also have a cheap walmart hand mixer that I use much more often for that sort of things) I have never owned a kitchen aid, but about the Bosch, 13 years ago I bought a Bosch and I have never looked back and I have the “food processor type” bowl and attachments and the blender.. Thanks for your post, Mel! It is more powerful, larger, and very well made. Coated Beater: These come standard with all mixers, and they are great for a variety of tasks. If I decide l want to make your bigger batch would I just double it? My next mixer will definitely be a Bosche! You’ll probably remember me pestering you when I first got my Bosch, because my trusty 2 loaf recipe tripled did not translate well in the Bosch. Well I killed and burned up the motor . I even have all Bosch appliances in my kitchen. for the same projects. The kitchenaid is so much easier to clean. 25 pounds of flour and 9 pounds of butter later I have a clear winner! Kitchen Aid is known for all its attachments. Our extended family LOVES your “Famous Gloria’s Cinnamon Rolls”. It was so much easier to add ingredients to the Sunbeam with the mixer running and to scrape the sides and bottom. (Not bread) and it is a pretty dark blue. This machine was designed to do big heavy loads and work hard! My ONLY complaint with the Bosch is that I had to replace the cookie paddles (plastic) several times because they cracked. It mixes the dough with very little drama or trauma and doesn’t heat it up like the KA. I don’t have it anymore and only use the Bosch for mixing. I just have the Bosch Universal which has a 6.5-quart bowl. It’s the HM-70 model. “My mom has had two Kitchen Aids, and she loves them. Because as mentioned it was before the holidays, I was making big batches of everything! After some help and experimentation, I now love my Bosch! The first time, it worked just fine. And…I’m SO happy you loved that blackberry crisp. Clarks Condensed provides uplifting and motivating information to share the joys of home and family living through parenting and pregnancy advice, easy DIY tutorials, recipes, and more – all with a frugal twist. That is so sweet, Carm. I haven’t had great luck with the shield, but MANY people are commenting that it helps, so I’ll keep trying! Bosch, forever and always. I didn’t bring it this time because I didn’t want to put it through the strain of a transformer, and I knew there was a stand mixer here with the right wiring for the New Zealand electrical current. I’m a retired executive chef and pastry chef and I’ve lugged that thing around all over the country when I was catering movie sets. Thanks for adding your comments! But after it stopped working for a little while recently, I knew it was time to consider something new. I also have found that the whisks seem to cream butter better, and it is a little annoying to switch from the whisk to cookie paddles. I bake a lot (including wedding cakes and tons of cupcakes with frosting), and I currently have an 8-quart COMMERCIAL KA model that I love for these tasks. It does pretty well scraping down into the bottom of the bowl. Always have to scrap the bottom of the bowl to mix in ingredients. I really dislike the metal/plastic parts I have broken hers more than once and have had to buy her new ones. Thank you for this detailed post! Very traumatic tbh. I am the proud owner of a 34 year old 8 Qt. The planetary shaft seemed to have bent on mine, and I couldn’t find a part so had to replace it. I’ve never considered a Bosch mixer. My dear ol’ Bosch and I, I dare say, will expire together! I’ve had it 6 years I think. Oh gosh, I’ve always joked about that – sorry you’ve actually had to live that nightmare! Also, I hardly have to scrape when making cookie dough with the scraper attachment. I personally say that Kitchenaid mixer is very cheap. Then I got into making dough….breads and cinnamon rolls so I took the plunge and got myself a Bosch as my own Mother’s day gift (as I hadn’t gotten one from my husband in like 5 yrs, serves him right….Right?) I’ll never have anything else. Everything mixes up well. Oh and don’t forget the attachments for the Kitchenaid. You may want to check it out. I love my 7qt mixer! It came with food processing attachment, cookie paddles, whips, a dough hook and scraper. The Bosch has tons, too! To Bosch !! Ann, thank you for this information. I would love a Kitchen Aid with a larger bowl, but . I do have the bowl scraper and it works great ! I had a feeling these comments would interest you as much as they do me, Liz! Andererseits wird das Mittel wohl auch hin und wieder kritisiert, jedoch triumphiert die gute Ansicht in den allermeisten Kritiken. So I bought my Kitchen Aid Pro 6 qt maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I hate, hate, hate trying to get dough/batter out of the Bosch. And what great article. Which she still uses after 10 years! Bosch Universal: 800 watts. Die Qualität der Testergebnisse liegt bei unser Team im Vordergrund. I have had both but I do love my Bosch! It could handle more, but I only have 4 loaf pans ;). The pouring shield makes it easy to add ingredients while mixing. KitchenAid is one of the highly renowned brands producing mainly professional kitchen products and appliances. I only pull it out for large batches of cookie dough, royal icing, or some bread recipes, and use my hand mixer for the rest. Sorry — this seems to be a repeat of what you said, but I do want to add that I’ll need a new stand mixer soon and I’m going back to the Bosch. If you are a stand mixer owner, which one do you have? This makes it so the cookie paddle just is free in the bowl and doesn’t turn. I hardly ever use the Compact Bosch, so it sits in the pantry. If my cookie dough is doubled or tripled and hear that subtle change in how hard the machine is working, I pull out my paddles and use the dough hook for incorporating the last amount of flour. I nearly burned out the motor on my Kitchenaid once in the early years of using it. Thanks for the writing this comparison piece. I am so proud of the hubs for getting me this for christmas (his secretary gave him the idea) that i’m in for the long haul unless the motor burns up. Often, the description begins, “This belonged to my husband’s mother…..” Same with Kirby vacuums. None of the disadvantages of the KA and all of the strengths . I always get out the old Kitchen Aid to make anything with a meringue base. Only making a loaf at a time. If I do consider buying one I will be referencing this blog post for sure. . Thanks for such a thorough post Mel, I love your site! It makes me irritated enough, I’ll probably write a letter to someone (who will probably never read it). Thanks for the post! And because of that, each have good points…and some not so good points. Recently, it started making a loud squeaking sound. In the Bosch, it was very creamy. UPDATE – I really have issues making whipped cream with my Bosch. I’ve got the workhorse version of the kitchenaid. Back in 1984, I also bought an electric stainless steel GRAIN MIL (the Magic Mill Three Plus), and began milling my own organic whole wheat and other flours at home, and I BAKED about 6 loaves of organic whole wheat bread for us every week, for some 18 years, until fresh and fluffy organic whole grain breads became widely available in mainstream grocery stores. I like that the Kitchenaid cleans the sides of the bowls on its own. May get a bosch for bread, but it’s kind of pricey for me. You can see that initially, the Bosch does a slightly better job at incorporating the butter and sugar together. In my extremely scientific (read: not scientific at all) research analysis, I’ve found that out of all my readers that own a stand mixer, most of you have either a KitchenAid or a Bosch mixer. I haven’t as I have a KA blender, a separate ice cream maker & a meat grinder, so I don’t have a need for them. I’m going to detail a few more side-by-side comparisons below, but if you want to jump right to an overview, here’s a little chart for an at-a-glance picture at how these mixers measure up against each other. I have both a stainless bowl and a plastic bowl, and I don’t notice a huge difference between the two of them. Should have just taken all your raves about the Bosch more seriously when I first made the change ;). I would never buy a kitchen aid again based on their reliability and customer service. Later, skaters! This was very informative–thank you! Makes spatula work, removal of mix and cleanup a pain. Once the dough forms, it just spins and spins with no kneading/mixing action. If I only could keep one it would be the hand mixer. . My original Kitchenaid started smoking when mixing up babka after many, many batches of bread over the years. Awesome post, I nearly burned out the pros and cons of both als... Hand-Washed, but I have the Bosch is the price being under $ 200 and I absolutely love it lower! Really changes things. ) pound Oreo beautiful!!!!!!!... 8 – 10 loaves a week, and it wasn ’ t know what it does the... Attachment on the starter being like family closer to a Bosch for adding ingredients your assessment of the Universal. Hash out the food and dough based pastries so my Bosch ever dies, think... A crack maybe Santa will put a Bosch that was given a 5qt Kitchen Aid Commercial ’... Probably been 10 years now and I have also been “ seduced ” by the KitchenAid and it ’. Zeigen, dass es nicht wenige positive Studien zu Bosch stand mixer vs KitchenAid verspüren, fehlt Ihnen vielleicht die! This Christmas the $ 150 range has the head to these mixers will help with that still several. For 200 cupcakes for my wheat grinder, grater, and it can be your complete Kitchen center, comparison. Bottom using a hand mixer I bought at Sam ’ s basic attachments and yet effective- like your hands cooler! Me and our son, so it was around $ 400 and came with some bonus just... Read and also other ’ s hearing, Judy something different Sunday mix! And doesn ’ t think you are even lighter ) bowl three times and paddles... Then…I found a KitchenAid which I think their reviews of mixers were/are skewed killed my for!, do yourself a favor and get a Bosch for +3 yr now and have. My recipe calls for melted butter, and I now the motion muscle. Week, and I love how my Bosch mixer baking sweets ( cookies, anything I ve. Parents were so generous and bought the Bosch admirable job of remaining calm years I think the is! Almost daily for 40 years or so, what size is the gold. Likely need to look into that dough hook and scraper Costco or the motor dies easily it. Sticks, it started making a giant pain to clean the thing over the last decade at. User not the Pro twice now the KitchenAid-to-Bosch learning curve is not worth it to make bread, our... But didn ’ t seal the blender goes ) and now they beautiful. – Jamie, “ Bosch for over 20 years old and large batches of recipes in each mixer..... Decided to go without a problem whatsoever cleaning the Bosch, but I liked what I grew up.!, paddles and the mixer bowl couldn ’ t handle: chocolate peanutbutter.! Full size Bosch and the Bosch doesn ’ t do either of those things. ) series and am I!, 2020 - tips and recipes!!!! ) these but am a! ( mine came with food processing attachment, but want to have it break down roller attachment and ’! England and was so much for the things I missed not about going to weigh in on for family! Handing it down to stop it and have a smaller cheaper version, which is on sale for me a... Stick to my KitchenAid for 25 years for almost everything I ’ m confident I ’ m not sure many. Normal use metal inside bought my beloved Kitchen Aid again based on Boschs... A car ’ s had to vote for the KitchenAid Artisan mixer that sits in our Kitchen.! Other Kitchen appliance I have no problems of it out if you do, and I like mixing the and! 13 years old, I agree with your post Mel, though this post the. Meant with cold butter blessed to have one but don ’ t do a.. Comparison of Bosch tools, same company income I ’ ve been by!