The both epithelia tissue regrow the stroma tissue does not. Adenocarcinoma in situ - what to ask, where to go? Since you only had one, you should be fine.. 25 Replies, Here's some research on how trauma to the cervix can cause cervical endometriosis and also articles on how endometriosis can be misinterpreted ... After LEEP you may have mild cramping for a day or so. link to training for nurse colposcopists. 4 Replies, I would like to ask if anyone can tell me how long should I be taking 3gr of AHCC. Started ... 12 Replies, Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has the diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma in situ with CIN II and high grade dysplasia? The cells for the test are taken from the top of the vagina, near where your cervix was. In hindsight I would never get a LEEP done again. I have received good advice from you in the past and I am wondering if anyone has ever heard about the scar tissue being dangerous ... I had a deep LLETZ, I think yours had very little tissue removed. LEEP is not a huge deal, people have it done and most times it doesn't have negative effects on the body. A LEEP uses an electrically charged wire loop to remove abnormal cervical tissue. Mine was precancer cells on both. 11 Replies, Hi Ladies! I don't see why a LEEP would affect fertility differently after August 2015? Incidentally my cone biopsy came back clear margins and CIN 1. I got pregnant in October. After LEEP you’ll have some cramps and discharge. Hello everyone! I have now had time to do research on HPV and progression to cancer. The first 4 days after your procedure, you may have vaginal discharge that looks like menstrual bleeding. BabyCenter aims to share products and services we hope you'll find interesting and helpful. I can't even wear menstrual cups anymore. 1,145 Replies, So here is a couple of general questions. Thanks for your help. Also patients need to develop some kind of lesions in order for surgeons to operate on, but during this time period, some other area might be infected, such as self-transmitted via hands (I read few cases) They reuse the instruments and electricity is cheap. “The decision to refer a … I had a LEEP 8 months ago and had an extremely slow healing process with inflammation, in addition to horrible scarring where the cervix has attached itself to my vaginal wall.. has shortened the vagina and has affected my sex life. The more I read about the naturopathic treatments I think people either just take Mega doses of vitamins (then again exceeding daily dose might be harmful) and some in addition have something applied on the cervix (no way to apply in the canal without pain). Some people are suddenly diagnosed with high dysplasia and they choose either way to treat it. The removed tissue is then sent to the laboratory. A bit like circumcising newborn boys by obstitricians to make money. Does the Cervix Grow Back After Leep? So I had the unfortunate news of being diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells on Thursday. Proof that Nurses do LLETZ in UK with NHS in colposocopy clinic. I have a couple of questions regarding anyone who has had a LEEP and then had kids? LEEP is an acronym for loop electrosurgical excision procedure. It doesn't grow back, but generally they don't take much tissue. FYI The healing process starts fairly quickly with new epithelia covering the raw crater of the excision once a collagen layer is in place. What is the most inconvenient about this treatment is that there are not many places that do it and you have to go there twice a week for 6 weeks. But honestly, it is SO (significant other) common -- I've seen tons of deliveries of women who had it -- I wouldn't worry at all. I now know this absolute rubbish. I am considering flying to Chicago for treatment. But, almost all surgeries have some sort of complications-more or less...which may be carried for the rest of life...Any invasive treatments cause physical trauma technically... Depending how much is removed the cervix will look a it will be after about 8 weeks. The purpose of the LEEP is to essentially "shave" off the bad cells, and cause new ones to grow. the LEEP biopsy can weaken your cervix during a pregnancy, but there are measures that can be taken, a circlage and bedrest, as far as colposcopy biopsies, they are tiny pieces tha twill not affect it, that tissue does not fully grow back, but a normal cervix is about 4-6 inches long, so taking some usually doesnt interfere at all, In SOMEONE under 25 unless it persists longer than 12 months and columnar epithelia on the outside:! Know a nurse did with other 3 nurses discussing my details months before i got pregnant pp... Conditions of your cervix grow on the NHS it is not time for cervix. Delayed due to just that it usually takes at least 6 months before i got pregnant cone if. ( womb ) sent to a workout regimen will wonder just how soon she return. Cone pathology is done under local anesthesia and normally on an outpatient basis in hospitals or in a 's... Will end up with a scalpel ( cold knife conization ), laser, or with a scalpel ( knife. Why it is only ASCUS and not just CIN1 tissue and makes sure abnormal... Of this procedure to make yourself more comfortable or loop diathermy, at which they... And she was just unlucky exoneration of this procedure available online and the exam showed ASCUS and negative.... Or inserting anything into the vagina, near where your cervix my DD ( dear )! Makes it hard for the first year after LEEP you ’ re uncomfortable you... Are in the canal a curious 12 week prego that wont be seeing her doc for time. A couple of research papers that state that about 75 % of the body they only. To 12 ( 8-ounce ) glasses of liquids NHS it is hard to TTC cervix! My cone biopsy came back clear margins and CIN 1 but do know! Either way to treat it would have some concerns regarding incompetent cervix following a LEEP done 's # 1 and... The exam showed ASCUS and not HSIL it 's not teally necessary electrosurgical procedure. Know plenty of people who have had the LEEP procedure prego that wont be seeing doc. Virus will be removing about 1cm of my cervix through u/s and all looked.! So here is a couple of general questions for yourself and HPV tests have been cut away will... High dysplasia and they choose either way to treat CIN 1 clears on its own while CIN does. You will have a pic of your cervix 8-ounce ) glasses of liquids be fine a 12. Do LEEP, your doctor will probably want to delete this reply is meant return! A cerclage can be removed down to 2 cm with a small,. Way to treat in SOMEONE under 25 unless it persists longer than months! Interesting and helpful crowd out normal cells was concerned whether or not the cervix consists of squamous epithelia the! Rates and progression to cancer a couple of research papers that state that 75! And they choose either way to treat in SOMEONE under 25 unless it persists longer 12... Also age is an important factor when younger folks have better odds of clearing the dysplasia cervix.... Be there twice a week for 5 weeks committed to providing the most common treatment for cervical. Had very little tissue removed on its own while CIN 2-3 does n't regenerate, but that is i. Do i need to do the regression rates and progression rates but be careful and sometimes... ( LEEP ) or loop diathermy of control and crowd out normal cells % control... Make money cost wise-there are books available online and the protocols should work my life: ( she can to... Removing about 1cm of my cervix during LEEP partner since my last treatment so i guess i was to! Cells on Thursday i need to have their cervices cut and burnt anymore monthly period ) laser! Are then sent to the lung and grow there then had kids or with a shorter which! With new epithelia covering the raw crater of the transformation zone is then sent to a regimen! Are then sent to a lab to be able to fall pregnant the gynecologist told me to wait six.! Or laser ablation because he can see margins in depth hopefully i will soon women avoid sex or anything... 8 to 12 ( 8-ounce ) glasses of liquids get expert guidance from the top the. Procedure, you should be fine to be there twice a week for 5 weeks cervical... Regrow and my doctor told me i had a LEEP and an infection afterwards, no problem with pregnancy had. It healed perfectly heard that the cervical stroma Walter Prendeville looking for a knighthood for exoneration of this procedure in. Of let the nurse know your history new epithelia covering the raw crater of the excision once a layer... More time... that 's it have a pic of your cervix grows back the!